Dr Jianyong Jin

Polymer Chemist

The main research focus of Dr Jin's group is to discover new functional polymeric materials through advanced polymer architectures design and versatile organic chemistry approaches.


In his past six years industry career in the United States (2005-2011), he was involved in several areas, including fluoropolymers for passive and active optics, low cost proton exchange membrane for hydrogen fuel cell, gas separation membrane and nanocrystals composites.

Specific interests

  • Novel fluorinated polymer synthesis

  • Novel step growth polymer synthesis

  • Novel high performace thermoplastics synthesis

  • Novel polymer carrying biological functions


Industrial applications

  • Membranes

  • Microphotonics

  • Micorelectronics

  • Advanced polymeric materirals



  • Antimicrobial Polymers

  • Materials Accelerator

  • Laser Photonics