Dr Sudip Ray

Materials Science and Engineering

Sudip has an extensive experience in various academic and commercial projects related to material science and engineering. In his current role, he is involved as Project Investigator for commercial projects, Mentor for postgraduate and undergraduate students and a Senior Advisor for strategic engagement with India to facilitate international collaboration with The University of Auckland.


IIT Kharagpur alumnus Sudip Ray has been a lead researcher at The University of Auckland, New Zealand, for more than 12 years. Earlier he has worked with innovative manufacturing industries such as DuPont, Switzerland as well as on R&D projects at University of New South Wales, Australia and John F. Welch Technology Centre, GE, India.

Current research focus:
•    Environmentally benign biocidal materials and products
•    Value added utilisation of materials from natural resources
•    Surface functionalisation 
•    Organic-inorganic hybrid materials
•    Polymer nanostructures and nanocomposites