Dr Tripti Singh

Senior Scientist & Project Leader, Bioactives & Wood Protection

Tripti's work in BTB?


Dr Tripti Singh specialises and leads wood protection research. Her expertise includes wood durability, timber treatments/remedial treatment, bioactive molecules, fungal enzymes, and wood preservation/protection standards. Tripti is also involved in wood product development and performance evaluation using national and international testing methods. She liaises with industry, universities and regulators on commercial and government funded research. 

Research capabilities

  • Wood product development and performance evaluation

  • Explore and use bio-based products to control fungi and other microorganisms

  • New Zealand grown naturally durable timber species

  • Enhancement of wood properties through chemical/thermal modifications

  • Sapstain control including integrated bio-protection system

  • Understanding the mode of action of specific bioactive molecules at wood/fungus/biocide interactions

  • Optimisation of bioactive molecules as antimicrobial agents in a range of applications

  • Indoor air quality and mould

  • Fungal enzymes

  • Fungal and bacterial secondary metabolites as sources of bioremediation and other biotechnological applications

  • Building code and NZ/International Standards regarding timber treatments and Wood based products used in buildings

  • Remedial treatment of timber

  • Leadership role in the direction of research on various aspect of ‘Wood Mycology’ as well as industry liaison on commercial and government funded research in wood preservation.


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