Testing antimicrobial activity

Understanding biocidal mechanisms and targets

From lab testing to real life applications

Measuring  activity and environmental impact

Mechanisms of Action of Biocides

This PhD project will establish an understanding of the mechanisms of action of natural and synthetic biocide products using advanced imaging techniques and global 'omic' (genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic) analyses. 

Understanding these mechanisms will provide the ability to tune biocide structure and mixture composition to increase desired antimicrobial effects while reducing inadvertent toxicity. 

A secondary aim of the project is to exploit these pathways through the identification and implementation of molecules that enhance biocide efficacy. Industry-standard protocols will be used to test and evaluate these compounds against the relevant micro-organisms.

PhD student Ethan Lowry

Ethan received a BS(Honors) in Biomedical Engineering in the USA. He is passionate about manipulation and engineering of biological system.

Biocides Options to Control the Transmission of Pathogens

This project aims to reduce the transmission of infectious agents by applying environmentally-friendly, non-toxic biocides to surfaces. The first objective is to establish methodologies to quantify the antibacterial activity of surfaces in wet and dry conditions using model organisms and industry standard method, ascertaining activity killing the target pathogens.

Future studies will investigate the activity of novel biocides against more harmful pathogens such as MRSA, ESBL E. coli and endospores of the model species Bacillus cereus

A “fitness for purpose” testing for different laboratory areas will also be carried out. The activity of the antimicrobial surface in laboratory-based test conditions supports extension of testing to real world hospital applications, for surfaces such as bed rails, bench tops, toilet seats, door handles, etc.

PhD student Shilpa Nair

Shilpa received a Masters Degree in Biotechnology from India (M.G. University).

She is passionate about assay establishment to check the antibacterial activity of novel biocides on surfaces.