Prof Steve Moratti

Polymer and Supramolecular Chemistry

Stephen is working on the attachment of antimicrobial and antifouling layers to stainless steel. This will be potentially of great benefit in the food and medical sectors, meaning less contamination and inhibiting the growth of biofilms. Initial experiments show that stable, sub-micron polymer layers can be attached and show promising antifouling effect against a range of proteins. The next stage is to look at the performance against real bacteria.


Dr Stephen Moratti is in charge of a team at the University of Otago that has developed and commercialized an exciting new gel material for post-surgical healing based on natural polymers, soon to be launched in the US. Using private capital a company has been formed and manufacturing has started in Wellington, with the product to be launched in the US later this year. This gel dramatically reduces complications such as adhesions, infection and bleeding in many types of surgeries and was developed entirely through government and university funding.